Login to vRealize Operations Manager via the admin interface https://vROPS-Server/admin

Under System Status select the node and click the Take Offline button

The following prompt will appear, enter your reason and click Ok

The status will then change to Offline

Login to the vRealize Operations Manager as the root user via the console or SSH.

Run the following command,

$VMWARE_PYTHON_BIN /usr/lib/vmware-vcopssuite/utilities/bin/sethostname.py NewHostName

Replace NewHostName with the host name you want to use, for this example SERVER01

If the command has been run successfully you should see the following entry

Then type reboot and press enter

Log into vRealize Operations Manager admin UI and click on the Bring Online button.

You will now need to check that the name has been updated in the casa.db.script file.

Log back into the shell as the root user. So press ALT+ F1 to switch to the shell then login.

Enter the following, service vmware-casa stop

Next take a backup of the casa.db.script file to be safe.

Type,   cp /storage/db/casa/webapp/hsqldb/casa.db.script /tmp/casa.db.script.old then press enter

Now run the following, vi /storage/db/casa/webapp/hsqldb/casa.db.script then press enter

Scroll down until you find the cluster_name and the slice_name and update them accordingly. Once you are ready to save and exit the file press Esc and type :wq and press Enter.

Then restart the casa service, service vmware-casa start and press Enter.

Log into vRealize Operations Manager admin UI and the node name will now be updated in the nodes section.




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