I thought I would take it back to basics for this next post. Getting vCenter installed is a must do job for most IT Admins out there so below is a an install guide for the vCenter 6.7 Appliance. This will also help us build a foundation for some future posts if your following along at home!

First off download the vCenter 6.7 Appliance ISO and mount it to your management server.

Then launch the installer located at E:\Vmware VCSA\vcsa-ui-installer\win32\installer

Then when the installer launches click on Install

At the Introduction screen click Next to continue

Accept the license agreement and click Next

For this deployment we are going to install the Platform Services Controller and the vCenter Server on the same appliance. Select the first option and click Next

Next enter the ESXi host details where you would like to deploy the new vCenter Server, then click Next to continue

Accept the Certificate by clicking on Yes

Enter the new vCenter Appliance name and root password

Select the deployment size that suits your requirements, you also have the option to increase the default storage allocation that comes with that deployment size. For this install I will use the default value.

Next select the Datastore where you would like to deploy the appliance

Now it’s time to configure the network settings for the new vCenter Server. Complete each of the required fields and click Next

Review your settings and click Finish

The new vCenter appliance will now start to deploy

Stage 1 is now complete, next we need to move to Stage 2

Next login to the vCenter Web Interface on port 5480 to complete the setup. So in our example it will be

Click on Set up to continue

Then on the Introduction screen click Next

Review your settings and click Next

Specify your SSO domain name and password and click Next

Select whether or not you would like to join the CEIP and click Next

Click Ok to continue

Stage 2 is now complete, click on the link below to access your newly deployed vCenter Server Appliance.

As always I hope this has helped you with your vCenter 6.7 Installation. If you are looking to migrate from a previous windows based vCenter to an Appliance check out my next post!

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