Before you start the migration its a good idea to snapshot the vCloud Director cells and manually backup the SQL database. Next you need to stop the vCloud Director services. You do this by connecting to each cell via SSH and running the following command.

Service vmware-vcd stop

Next we need to browse to the directory of the cell management tool. Enter the following,

cd /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin

Run the ls command and you will see the cell-management-tool located in the directory.

Then run the following command to start the database migration,

./cell-management-tool dbmigrate -dbhost -dbport 5432 -dbuser vcloud -dbname vcloud -dbpassword ‘password123’ -verbose

Replace the dbhost ip with the ip address or hostname of you postgresql server, then update your dbuser account, dbname and your password.

If the migration starts successfully you should see the following output,

Once complete you will see the Database Migration Succeeded prompt. Check that no items failed or skipped.

Next we need to run the reconfigure database command on each of the vCloud Director cells.

/opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin/cell-management-tool reconfigure-database

Then restart the vcloud director cell.

Service vmware-vcd restart

That’s about it, you have just migrated your vCloud Director SQL database to Postgresql!

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