Veeam Cloud Connect is a great way to extend your Company backups to a secondary site hosted by your local Service Provider. You can even do away with rotating tapes and configure backup copy jobs to a Cloud Connect Repository instead. There is no need for a VPN or to configure any advanced networking as the connection itself can be established from any internet connection.

In the below example I will walk you through setting up a backup repository with a Service Provider.

First you can use the Veeam Service Provider Directory to locate a provider you would like to use. You can find the link here 

Get in touch with the Service Provider (of your choice) and purchase the required storage you need for your backup repository. They will be able to assist you to work out the space required. They will then send you the url to connect to the service along with your login credentials.

Open Veeam Backup and Replication and click on Backup Infrastructure, then click on Service Providers.

From here you can Add a Service Provider or Search for a Service Provider. Since we already know our details click Add Service Provider.

Type in the address to connect to the Service Provider and click Next.

Add in your user credentials supplied by the service provider and click Apply.

The connection will now be established with the Service Provider.

Your backup repository settings will be detailed on the screen below. Click Apply to save the configuration.

Your connection settings will now be saved. Once complete click Next.

Review the settings and click Finish.

The Repository will be re-scanned and once complete click Close.

The new Cloud based Backup Repository will now be available for you to consume!

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